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Body parts from Leonardo's sketchbooks

This is a series of essays and case study examples of PPP in practice, theory and ontext.

Developing the PPP idea

Assakaji facilitating discussion on family violenceAn account from cdcArts' recent article in Culturelink (UNESCO) that describes the principles and practice of the PPP process, during the first years of its development in Zambia and Nepal.
Further evolution of the methods and approach to participatory Theatre for Development were made in the continuation of the programme in Zambia, where the ongoing series of workshops will continue.

PPP briefly, an overview

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2 Straddling the disciplines:

A closer look at the processes of PPP and some thoughts on how to go about it.
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Tana performance: forestry guard frisking a village farmerTied up in a Rope of Sand:

TFD = cultural Action or Development Utility?

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As an existing satirical form, the kote-ba theatre of Mali provided an ideal base for a TFD programme. Basing TFD activity on existing cultural practices allows a dialogical exchange between development project (NGO) and partner community who gain voice and empowerment. Their plays and dances, whose content was improvised and 'owned' by the players, were followed by discussion and audience interventions. Initial plays provided base-line data and later voiced delicate developmental concerns to which the NGO responded. This dialogue is made possible by the participatory approach, which relies upon the cultural emphasis. In Namibia concentration on TFD as a utility without reference to culture started with local workshops exploring development issues. Later interactive performances at local, regional and national level flowered into a cultural troupe whose work ranges from cultural action to development utility.

TFD - Listening to the Community

working with farmers in Mali, 1988 - 91, with the freedom to explore TFD as artistic and therefore cultural expression pointed towards the principles of PPP

Crossing the Fourth Wall - Kolo village

Cultural Errors - the Griot project

When the Women Spoke out


the gibeon story

published in Development in Practice Vol 8 Number 1, Feb 1998

Da Vinci's sketches of backbone and spine