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The road to PPP

please use Internet Explorer version 4 and above,
I'm afraid that Netscape won't work.

The text is live and intended to be read on screen - preferably in full-screen view (F11)

you can of course download pages as favourites, 'synchronised' to be available for reading off-line.


  1. To scroll the text, roll the mouse over the arrow bars on the left, between the text and the list of contents.
  2. Play around and you'll find the speed controls.

notes and asides:

  1. As you read the pages you will find highlighted images and words (like that one).
  2. These will lead you either to a quick 'aside', comment or reference or to a separate page or chapter altogether.

links and connections:

  1. Some of these highlights will also lead you to other pages in the site or even beyond it.
  2. If you read the BACKBONE pages they will lead you to the BODY pages, through their own internal links.
  3. All the book references are given again in the bibliography (resources/bibliography)
  4. the square Navigation buttons at the top of the page will do the same,
  5. 'contents lists' for each section are on the left. The ones that link within the same page or section are live while a button to the 'next section' will take you there directly.
  6. RESOURCES will include links to others and the responses that I receive from readers as well as bibliography, and aa catalogue of all the 'asides'.
I may rearrange the site according top feedback that comes in. Response to the content will be included wherever it fits in best and is more than most welcome. That's the idea of using this medium.

This is an experiment in IT forms, designed for reading on-screen - please let me know how you found it.

Alex Mavrocordatos